Privacy Policy


When you opt out, you are opting out of marketing messages and newsletters only. However, there may be some messages, like emails regarding important service updates or changes to our terms, that you should have the chance to see regardless of your marketing preferences. When the new Privacy Statement goes into effect, even if you have opted out of marketing you may still receive critical notices.

In the old Privacy Policy Statement, we made the commitment to only using information in your User Account to provide service. While that is still the main use of your data, we believe that we can improve our service and messages, as well as your experience using our tool, if we have a better understanding about your business through your User Account information. For example, we may use this information to identify which products and services may interest you and send you customized messages. The information in your account is still secure; and we still apply our high standards for respecting the privacy of your information.

We have also improved clarity in our Privacy Policy Statement by expanding on some sections and changing words in others.

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