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Made in India

KDK PDF Signer

Sign PDF Documents Electronically with the Best PDF Signing Software for Your Desktop - KDK PDF-Signer

The main function of PDF-Signer is to sign PDF documents using X.509 digital certificates. Using this product you can quickly sign multiple PDF files (bulk sign) by selecting input and output directory. This is ideal for bulk signing of a large number of documents rather than signing each one individually.


Digitization means where Information is converted into a digital format (i.e., one that can be read by a computer) through the process of digitization.

In this era, almost everything is digitized. We are slowly moving into the world where information is comprised into digital format and exchanged.

Even money or currency is digitized.

KDK PDF-Signer software is a part of one such revolution, a digital PDF-Signer software which is used to sign a document digitally. The tool is being widely used by our users and it has proven to be the best PDF signing software in India which is a desktop-based software.

It helps you to electronically sign the PDF documents using the digital signature in just one go.

Attach Your Signature to Multiple PDF Files (Bulk Sign) at One Go

KDK PDF-Signer enables you to insert and attach the digital signature to multiple PDF documents and helps to prepare digitally signed documents within minutes.

The software practically helps you in the situations where you have to sign documents in bulk, imagine in the pre-digitization era where one had to put signatures on important documents manually but now the electronic signatures have taken over and saved the time and efforts.

KDK PDF-Signer supports the bulk signing of the documents using the "digital signature to multiple documents" option within just a few clicks.

A User-Friendly, Fast, & Technically Advanced Digital PDF-Signer Software

KDK PDF-Signer has user-friendly interface and Gets you the digitally signed PDF documents quickly.

The quick, fast, and technically advanced method of signing the multiple documents digitally in one go is what makes this software the best of all.

One simply needs to insert the digital signature token/pfx and browse the PDF document. The PDF-Signer will then attach the signature to the document, leaving your document ready with your desired digital signature attached.

Nowadays, various government websites like MCA also require the digitally signed documents to be uploaded for various compliances, and KDK PDF-Signer can be very useful in such cases.

PDF-Signer allows you to sign PDF documents without any need to purchase Adobe Acrobat. This dramatically reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


  • Digital sign can be done with:
    • Page flipper Plus F/X Animation File(PFX File)
    • Token
    • Certificate Store
  • Certificate produced with PDF-Signer can be verified using standard Adobe Reader 7.0+
  • Multiple PDF Sign on a single click.
  • Signature at desired location.
  • Facility to email signed documents.
  • Multiple signatures can be done on single document.
  • Integration with Zen TDS (Form 16 / Form 16A).
  • Customization of signature metadata.
  • Output in password-protected file.
  • Microsoft word also supported.
  • Friendly Graphical User Interface