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Made in India

KDK Income Tax

File Income Tax Return Online with the Best ITR Filing Software for Tax Professionals, Corporates, & Enterprises in India

Filing of Income Tax return is important for myriad of reasons, but the most important one is it shows one as the responsible citizen of a country, helps in claiming past losses, helps in credibility report while applying for any loans and it is mandatory in cases where your income crosses certain prescribed limit.

The tax laws are not easily interpreted by the common man and they need the assistance of experts in understanding the complex rules and regulations and filing of their Income Tax returns.

Income Tax Software by KDK Software has all the features any Tax professionals, Corporate, and Enterprises require to file Income Tax return online.


Prepare & File ITR 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & ITR-U Easily on Your Finger Tips with Auto Filling of Forms

User can prepare and file Every compliance related to Income Tax software

  • E-filing of ITR-1, ITR-2, ITR-3, ITR-4, ITR-5, ITR-6, and ITR-7.
  • E-filing of ITR- Updated return.
  • E-filing of Tax Audit 3CA-3CD, 3CB-3CD.
  • E-filing of Form 10B, 10BB, 3CEB.
  • CARO Report.
  • Company Auditor Report.
  • E-filing of Form 29B (MAT Report).
  • UDIN generation.
  • Financial statements -
    • Balance sheet with Depreciation chart as per Companies Act Schedule III.
    • Balance sheet with Depreciation chart as per Income Tax Act.
    • Significant accounting policies.
    • Notes to accounts.
  • 26AS Import.
  • Data Import directly from Tally, Busy, and Excel.
  • Mail computation directly to the client.
  • One-time username and Password saved.
  • Audit working papers.
  • MIS Dashboard with pie charts.
  • Direct import of Trial balance from Tally or XML Import
    • CA Firm Latter head utility.
    • Online challan generation.
    • Director Report.
    • Form 35 (Online appeal).
    • E-filing of Form 10E (Online) .
    • Statement of 26AS online/Text import.
    • Advance Tax calculator.
    • NSC/KVP Interest calculator.

A Simple Yet Advanced Software for Income Tax Return Calculations, Management, & Solutions - KDK Income Tax

KDK Income Tax is a simple yet very easy-to-operate software with most advanced and updated features.

KDK Income tax is leading the way from more than one and half decades and has been the most trusted and widely used software for income tax return calculations, management, and solutions among CA community.

KDK Income Tax Software is one of the widely used and preferred software for Income Tax Filing. This is one of the Best Software for Income Tax Filing. It covers exhaustively mostly all the features and work related to Income Tax Filing. Like direct E-filing facility has been provided through IT software.

User can directly upload JSON File on the Income Tax Department’s website through software. Further a facility of “Change Password” And “Create User” has been provided through software. No need to log on to department’s website manually.

Following are few of the features of KDK Income Tax Software

  • Computation of Income and tax thereon taking care of statutory deductions, Set off of losses, Clubbing of Minor’s income, Rebates, etc.
  • Computation of Foreign Company and Non-Residents and Trust has been provided with detailed provisions.
  • Automatic as well as manual calculation of interest u/s 234A, 234B & 234C.
  • Preparation of Return Forms viz. ITR 1 to ITR 7.
  • Preparation of Trading, P&L Account, Balance Sheet, Multiple Capital Account, and Statement of Affairs as per Companies Act 2013.
  • MIS Reports viz. assesses register, Filed Return List, Pending Return List, Returns to be Prepared, and Refund cases.
  • Cases List, Advance Tax Register, Advance Tax Estimation Report, and Assesses without PAN etc.
  • Client-wise backup and restore facility.
  • Online e-Payment of Tax Challans through software directly, does not require filling master information.
  • Facility to Import Data Directly from Tally, BUSY and Excel including Trial Balance & 3CD report from XML.
  • Specimen of Qualification in Auditor Report Notes on Accounts and Accounting Policies.
  • Facility to calculate Defer Tax LiabilityAssets as per AS-22.
  • Online import of 26AS.
  • Depreciation Chart as per Companies Act 2013
  • Download and import Prefill JSON.
  • Return Dashboard with Single page view.
  • UDIN Generation.
  • Form 10B, 10BB, 3CEB filling /report.
  • Email Computation Reports.
  • Online Payment Option.
  • No Browser dependency.
  • Comparative Summary of Current Year and Previous Year Computation.
  • Bulk Link Aadhaar with PAN.

Statutory Compliance (Income Tax)

  • Enables Auto filing of Income Tax Return Form 1, 2, 2A, 3, 4, 4S, 5, 6, and 7 in Hard Copy and Electronic Format as per the requirement of the Income Tax Department for Individuals, HUF, Firms, Companies, AOP, BOI, LLP, and Trusts.
  • Form 49A (PAN Application New-Indian Citizen), Form 49AA (PAN Application New-Foreign Citizen) & Form 49A Correction (Modification in PAN Data) are generated from the master database in the software in the hard copy and online.
  • Declaration form for Non deduction of TDS – Facilitates Generation of Form 15H (senior citizens) and Form 15G (Other Citizens)
  • Relief Calculator – Calculation of Relief u/s 89(1).
  • Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT) report – Furnishing of Form 29B (MAT) enabled.
  • Advance Tax Calculator for computation of Advance Tax installments.

Various Online Activity (On Income Tax Website)

  • Navigating widget for logging on to Income Tax India website to directly upload the required XML files
  • e-Filing for 10B, 10BB, 29B, 3CEB, 35.
  • Downloading widget facilitates update from email box i.e., downloading of intimation and ITR-V receipt status.
  • e-payment of Challan obviates need to fill master information, Import TDS entries from Form 26AS.
  • Facility to know Outstanding Tax Demand, Tax Credit Mismatch, Rectification Request, Filing of Defective Return, Generation & Verification of ITR through Electronic Verification code (EVC).

Statutory Compliance – Financial Statement

  • Generates Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement in the Revised Schedule VI Format and Horizontal format.
  • Tax Audit Reports – Generates Forms 3CA, 3CB, 3CD and Annexure of Form 3CD.
  • Company Reports – Generates Auditor’s Report, Director’s Report & CARO Report.
  • Notes to Account & Significant Accounting Policies – Enables inputs for notes and accounting policies.
  • Comparative summary of current year’s and previous year’s computation enabled in a single click.
  • Tax Planning Tool facilitates adjustment of sequence of current year losses and unabsorbed depreciation.