Why with Us! (KDK Partners)

Join KDK Family And Be A Part Of This Success Journey...

Why with Us!

KDK Believes In Growth and Promotion of Its partners. Come & Join KDK Family and be a part of this Success Journey

KDK Softwares is committed to being a long term service provider and a partner to you. Our proposition gives our clients and partners all the benefits of a local alliance along with the added advantage to move cost, risk and time-to-market

Here are some of the benefits for being with us:

Business Development

With KDK Softwares taking care of all the development work, you would have more opportunity and time to focus on your core and strategic activities i.e. winning more work, innovating, value-adding and being proactive.

Increased Market Access

We have experts for Tax domains and technology with us that you will cover support you to Increase market access.

Support and Guarantees

As your partner we guarantee our complete support to you. We understand that there is no way to substitute the client relationships, market knowledge and brand presence, however we firmly believe that with us as a partner, you will be able to enhance your delivery capacity and also consolidate and grow your position in the market.

Benefits of Business Partnership:
Marketing Sales Support
  • Listing on KDK Softwares partner pages
  • Case studies and featured partners (based on merit)
  • KDK Softwares logo usage
  • Lead registration
  • Sales support as needed
  • KDK Softwares product sales training
  • Product discounts
  • Partner transaction portal
  • Front of the line technical support
  • Sales, Technical and Product support
  • Access to Documentation and Training materials